STOP Fifa Elections!


FIFA is probably experiencing the most traumatic and dehabilitating time of its 85 year old life. Its 8th President, Sepp Blatter has been suspended for 90 days, along with Michal Platini and Jerome Valcke while US indictments were brought against 14 soccer executives on charges including money laundering, fraud, tax evasion and racketeering. Top soccer executives, high profile football clubs and financial institutions have also been identified and brought into the corruption and money laundering spotlight by US, Swiss and UK investigators.

FIFA’s call for candidates for the position of FIFA president has now closed with 7 male candidates who will contest and lobby all of the 209 federations who are voting members in the FIFA family. The special congress election is slated for Feb 26th 2016 to elect a replacement for Mr Blatter but what can we expect will happen?