STOP Fifa Elections!


FIFA is probably experiencing the most traumatic and dehabilitating time of its 85 year old life. Its 8th President, Sepp Blatter has been suspended for 90 days, along with Michal Platini and Jerome Valcke while US indictments were brought against 14 soccer executives on charges including money laundering, fraud, tax evasion and racketeering. Top soccer executives, high profile football clubs and financial institutions have also been identified and brought into the corruption and money laundering spotlight by US, Swiss and UK investigators.

FIFA’s call for candidates for the position of FIFA president has now closed with 7 male candidates who will contest and lobby all of the 209 federations who are voting members in the FIFA family. The special congress election is slated for Feb 26th 2016 to elect a replacement for Mr Blatter but what can we expect will happen?


In the next few months as the run up to the election of a new FIFA president where billions of dollars are involved, we will most likely see even more corruption and late night hotel room deals as the presidential candidates go head to head to reach out and convince the various voting blocs who they should vote for as the President of the World’s Most Popular Sport.

It would be totally naive for the soccer fans and the sponsors to think that countries with significant numbers of associations will not be approached by aspiring presidential hopefuls bearing gifts, holidays, education scholarships and maybe even CASH to sway the hearts and minds of the people who will vote for the new FIFA president. Promises of more revenue flowing from the central FIFA coffers to local football clubs will also sweeten the deal.



Will it be the best man that wins? Doubtful… perhaps its rather who will bring the biggest gifts! So we are going to go through yet another corruptive process- in fact, it might even be more intense than Fifa’s host country bidding process and if history is anything to go by – the new FIFA president will probably be decided before the Feb 26th elections.. go figure!

The FAN World Cup, a corruption free organization who is establishing a global social soccer network for soccer fans therefore calls on:

“soccer fans, sponsors and the sports industry to support a hold on all Fifa elections and awarding of host cities until such time that a completely new and transparent structure for FIFA is established and monitoring mechanisms are put into place to reduce and negate any corruptive actions which lower the integrity of the sport of soccer”

2 examples of the FAN World Cup’s anti corruptive policy includes:

  • Fans, not bureaucrats will vote and select the host city for the regional and World Cup Championships and
  • the FAN World Cup is in the final phases of selecting an independent global auditor who will oversee the allocation and distribution of revenue and expenditures from the FAN World Cup


Recommendations to transform FIFA include:

  • appoint an internationally recognised auditing firm to ensure that FIFA’s financial management is compliant at all levels;
  • extend the auditing and compliance system to all FIFA football clubs as a condition of their membership with FIFA;
  • continual lifestyle audits on all middle and senior management FIFA personnel;
  • a new FIFA board whose members posses a broad spectrum of skills including but not limited to legal, financial, media and development expertise;
  • a specially appointed task team which monitors and intervenes on potential corruption areas such as match fixing, vote rigging, city and country selection, large event management and subsequent activities, player and referee corruption and bribe scenarios;

These are the structural and anti corruption components that the FAN World Cup has integrated into its fan centric and corruption free structure and together with a “facebook style social platform for soccer fans”, the FAN World cup is gearing up to be the world’s largest soccer league.

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