FAN World Cup selected as a National finalist in Get In The Ring Global Startup Challenge


The FAN World Cup ( has been selected as a National Finalist in the 2015 Get In The Ring Global Startup Challenge.

Get In The Ring ( is the Olympics for Startups; a worldwide competition for start-ups with 130+ events in 80 countries where entrepreneurs “pitch” their ideas to an international judging panel, champion investors and over 100+ GITR global partners. GITR’s mission is best described as follows:


“Startups are changing the world. They develop innovations at a high speed, defy large companies and find solutions for world challenges. As GITR, we love them. Being part of a startup is not easy though. It means a rollercoaster ride with low chances of success, but high returns when succeeding. Startups need resources such as capital, talent and expertise to survive in today’s turbulent environment. Globally, these resources are available in abundance, but often don’t connect. Sometimes because of timing, or because they are not offered in the right place. Sometimes because they are not well presented, or already taken by others. However, they are there, and it is exactly this missing link between talented entrepreneurs and opportunities that drives what we do. We took the challenge to make a change.”

The FAN World Cup, headed by Al Karaki and Dr Nikolas Eberl,  is busy gearing up to be the World’s Soccer League for all amateur and recreational soccer players from the 200+ countries where the sport of soccer is being played.

The FAN World Cup integrates both the 400 million playing soccer fans and the 2 billion non playing soccer fans on its own social networking platform (think Facebook for soccer) and motivates its theme of “Serious Fun” by injecting millions of dollars in prizes and fantastic member benefits on a wide variety of sporting merchandise, apparel, exotic travel destinations, electronics and even automobiles.

The FAN World Cup aligns itself with the GITR mission and objectives on fostering entrepreneurship and has pledged its support to assist wherever possible.


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