Soccer Leak Revealing Offshore Millions Prompts French Probe

It never seems to stop…. France is the latest country to investigate possible tax avoidance by soccer stars, coaches and their managers following the leak of financial information published by media organizations across Europe. France’s financial prosecutor opened a preliminary probe into possible laundering of tax-fraud proceeds earlier this month, it said Tuesday in a[…]

FIFA sponsors demand ‘independent oversight’ of reforms

Five of FIFA’s sponsors have written to the executive committee of football’s scandal-battered governing body demanding “independent oversight” of the reform process. Sponsors were originally promised places on the FIFA reform committee. But instead of being invited into meetings discussing the overhaul of the organization, they have only been offered seats on an advisory board[…]

FAN World Cup selected as a National finalist in Get In The Ring Global Startup Challenge

BREAKING NEWS!! The FAN World Cup ( has been selected as a National Finalist in the 2015 Get In The Ring Global Startup Challenge. Get In The Ring ( is the Olympics for Startups; a worldwide competition for start-ups with 130+ events in 80 countries where entrepreneurs “pitch” their ideas to an international judging panel,[…]

Abolish corrupted FIFA and start again with a new untainted name, suggests David Dein

Former FA and Arsenal vice-chairman David Dein is keen to explore how much support he can muster for his radical proposal to dissolve FIFA and start again with a renamed organisation. Dein, one of world football’s great networkers with an unrivalled contacts book, has been thinking about this since he was disillusioned by the murky[…]

STOP Fifa Elections!

STOP THE FIFA ELECTIONS! FIFA is probably experiencing the most traumatic and dehabilitating time of its 85 year old life. Its 8th President, Sepp Blatter has been suspended for 90 days, along with Michal Platini and Jerome Valcke while US indictments were brought against 14 soccer executives on charges including money laundering, fraud, tax evasion[…]

FIFA’s Sepp Blatter says attacks from sponsors politically motivated

Embattled soccer boss Sepp Blatter has rejected complaints made by the sport’s biggest sponsors over a bribery and corruption scandal, saying they were politically motivated and made at the behest of the United States. Blatter has been suspended from FIFA as part of the fall-out from a U.S. Department of Justice investigation into bribery, money-laundering[…]

Hello Soccer Fans!

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