Can the FAN World Cup save Fifa?

FIFA is experiencing the most traumatic and dehabilitating time of its 85 year old life.

Its 8th President, Sepp Blatter and former UEFA President Michel Platini have been banned for 8 years (maybe more) on charges including conflict of interest and lack of transparency while former Fifa Secretary-General Jerome Valcke received a 12 year ban for conflict of interest and involvement in a ticketing scandal.

Thus far, 41 soccer officials and sports entities have been indicted on corruption charges as a result of investigations by US, Swiss and UK investigators with more to come.

While presidential candidates to replace Blatter are crisscrossing the globe to garner support from the 209 football federations who vote on Feb 26th, the candidates manifestos for reform simply mirror the recommendations made by FIFA’s own reform committee which calls for greater transparency.

However, there is a difference between highlighting a problem and delivering the solution to the problem and all of the candidates seem to be avoiding the real issues that plague Fifa.

During the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa, 16 teams of amateur soccer fans got together over 2 days and like their idols from the World Cup teams, battled it out to produce the first FAN World Cup winner.

The FAN World Cup was born…
With positive accolades and reviews from the fans, the media, the sponsors and the soccer industry, the idea of having a global football championship for the amateur recreational soccer player took hold.

Most of the corruption issues at Fifa appears to stem from the host country bidding process where countries wage a fierce and costly battle to be appointed as the host to a FIFA World Cup Championship – some of which are more than 8 years away.

The decision for the awarding of the event is in the hands of the officials of the 209 FIFA clubs – so its easy to understand how the late-night-brown-envelope-cash-for-votes process can lead to massive corruption.

This is the way it has been and investigators are finding that the host country bidding process is just the tip of the corruption iceberg.

The FAN World Cup spent years developing an anti corruption policy – consulting with legal and financial experts with the objective of producing a simple yet effective methodology to deal with and remove corruptive “opportunities” out of the sport. While no system is completely foolproof, there are innovations which can significantly enhance transparency and reduce unofficial monetary beneficiation.

The main pillar of the FAN World Cup’s anti corruption policy focuses on the host country bidding process and has been acknowledged by many as a simple and transparent process to determine the host country.

Interested countries who wish to apply to become the host of the FAN World Cup Championship submit their proposal to FWC detailing the kind of hospitality, infrastructure, value and engagement that the country/city will provide should they be chosen as the successful country/city host.

These proposals will be uploaded on to a locked section of the FAN World Cup website and once all submissions are in and uploaded, this section of the website will be unlocked.

It will ultimately be the soccer fans, the general public including the residents of the cities who applied, who will review all of the submissions and vote on the country/city that they want to be the host country/city for a particular FAN World Cup Championship.

The FAN World Cup is constantly developing anti corruptive and more efficient and innovative ways for the World’s Largest Soccer League to function.

Our social platform allows for the creation and promotion of teams and their members – and when coupled with relevant stats, photos and videos, the FAN World Cup will host a completely fan-centric platform which places millions of soccer fans in the middle of the beautiful game.

Even our prize structure provides an exciting opportunity for both players and non players to compete for their share of over $30 million by either competing in local, regional and national tournaments or engaging in numerous online activities, competitions and gaming portals of the FAN World Cup.

The FAN World Cup – Serious Fun for Soccer Fans


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