FAN World Cup - The Global Soccer League for All AMATEUR, RECREATIONAL and NON PLAYING SOCCER Fans

This is the FAN World Cup
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What is the FAN World Cup?

The FAN World Cup is the Global Soccer League for all non-professional Soccer players from the 200+ countries where the sport of soccer is being played.

The FAN World Cup integrates both the 800 million playing soccer fans and the 2 billion non playing soccer fans on its own social networking and engagement platform.

FWC motivates its theme of “Serious Fun” by providing millions of dollars in prizes for both playing and non playing fans and fantastic member benefits on a wide variety of sporting merchandise, apparel, exotic travel destinations, electronics and even automobiles.

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How Does It Work?

As a corruption free organization, the FAN World Cup collects and displays all host country proposals to the soccer fans who will decide and vote on which country will host the FAN World Cup Championships.

The format of the FAN World Cup™ includes: Open (18+), Masters (Over 35), Women, and U17 (under 17).

The fans of each country register their teams, go through a process of local, regional and national tournaments to determine the best squad to represent their country at the regional qualifiers and ultimately the FAN World Cup™ Championships.

The rules are the same as current international soccer rules but there are some exciting modifications

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Whats in it for ME?

The winning team members and the coach will each receive $1million in FAN World Cup merchandise, prizes and cash.

FWC members also receive up to date news, stats and videos on all of your favorite teams, the team’s own e commerce facility, free text, audio and video communication, collaboration and chat rooms as well as incredible pricing on all types of sporting merchandise, apparel, exotic travel trips, electronics and even automobiles.

Gain additional member points in our games portal, discussion forums or post pictures and videos in the global gallery and then purchase what you want from our online store – but most importantly – HAVE SOME SERIOUS FUN!

About Us

The FAN World Cup - the Global Social Soccer League powered by its Fans
Serious Fun and THE Brand Opportunity of the Decade..


Collaboration and Communication

AL Karaki

Director – FAN World Cup
Al is an obsessive networker, infopreneur and innovative disruptor. His expertise is in large scale project management – world cup skiing and sports events, large parallel public exhibitions for the UN, educational tech projects to assist learners in Africa and more.

Reaching Out

Fan Engagement
Spreading the Word and Interacting with the soccer world – that’s what our reach out team loves to do – finding out what soccer fans really want.

Developers and Coders

Putting the Pieces together
As our start up status is in early stage, the FAN World Cup has a small team of developers and coders who are building the initial FWC Framework which when finished, will be one of the largest and most comprehensive social platforms in the world of sport.

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